Metal / Melodic / / France
Founded around 2007 in Quimper, Brittany, Pictured quickly set out to spread their music and in 2008 they release their first and self-produced demo entitled "Son of the Night". After two years spent on improving and refining their thrash/death-metal sound, the band recorded a new demo entitled "The Dwelling" at Drudenhaus Studio (Anorexia Nervosa, Alcest, Ultra Vomit). This release garners plenty of positive reactions and French webzine Metalorgie even went as far as calling one of the best melodic death-metal works released that year. Shortly after that release the band felt confident enough in their music to begin work on a full length record and now in 2012 Pictured offer us their first album "The Strand of Time", which clearly shows a matured and more determined musical entity. Full of high-energy rhythms, catchy and powerful riffs, "The Strand of Time" sees the French quartet making huge strides in their sound, without ever betraying the viciously aggressive nature of their early days. The nine songs are fierce and hard-hitting, yet they also show a highly infectious quality with plenty of twin-guitar harmonies that will surely appeal to fans of early Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom and the more classic Carcass sound.